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Taylor Swift Spent Her Day Hanging Out With Your Favorite People

Apr 15 2014 - 5:41am

We already know that Taylor Swift [1] is the ultimate celebrity BFF [2], but her recent hangout session with Lena Dunham has us thinking that we might be seeing her on the small screen hanging out with a very famous group of girlfriends. Lena was spotted visiting Taylor's NYC apartment on Monday while carrying several bags and what appeared to be a script, and she later tweeted that she was preparing to start shooting on the fourth season of her hit HBO show, Girls. Taylor and Lena have been friends for years, but maybe now that Taylor has been spending a lot of time in the Big Apple, she might have time to make a cameo appearance in the upcoming season. After all, she did just make a surprise appearance [3] on Saturday Night Live to support her other friend Ed Sheeran. Later, after Lena left, Taylor met up with model-turned-cookie baker Karlie Kloss for a gym session and a stop by a local restaurant for dinner.

The Taylor fan club doesn't just belong to famous women, as Lena's boyfriend, fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff, recently revealed that he respects the young pop star. "The reason why Taylor stands above everyone else is because she's a songwriter," Jack said in an interview with Vanity Fair [4]. "She sits in rooms, and she writes songs. Most importantly, they sound like her. All the other pop stars, to put it in a really simple way, they're just not as talented." He added, "Other pop stars have to go through, like, a goth phase. You can imagine the marketing meetings behind other pop stars. Whereas the meeting behind Taylor is like, 'Write a great f*cking album,' which she can." Jack has firsthand experience of Taylor's songwriting experience, as he wrote "Sweeter Than Fiction" with her for One Chance.

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