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Test Your Celebrity New Year's Knowledge!

Test Your Celebrity New Year's Knowledge!

Our favorite celebrities hardly need an excuse to party, but New Year's Eve always gives them a great reason to let loose with friends in a fabulous way. As we look back at the best of 2008, test your knowledge of how the stars rang in the past few years.

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Lindsay Lohan spent last New Year's Eve in Capri with which other starlet?
Hilary Duff
Mischa Barton
Hayden Panettiere
Lauren Conrad
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Paris Hilton welcomed 2008 with her sister Nicky in Las Vegas, but where did she celebrate the beginning of 2007?
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Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger love to go casual on the sidewalk, but they dressed up last NYE for a party with which kind of theme?
Ugly Sweater
Wild West
Great Gatsby
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Chace Crawford made the rounds last year in Miami with which friend by his side?
Tony Romo
Ed Westwick
Zac Efron
JC Chasez
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Ashlee Simpson rang in 2008 alongside which guy?
John Mayer
Pete Wentz
Ryan Cabrera
Justin Timberlake
Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of 12/21/08
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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of 12/21/08

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