Test Your Twilight Knowledge For a Chance to Win a Sexy DvF Bag!

To celebrate the launch of TwilightSugar.com we're giving away this Diane von Furstenberg Stephanie Medium Hobo, which is metallic and super sexy — just like Edward Cullen. To enter, all you have to do is take this Twilight trivia quiz! It doesn't matter how many you get right, so show us what you've got and maybe you'll have a hot new bag on your arm when you head to the theater to see New Moon on opening night. So check out the official rules here and get guessing!

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At what event do things go wrong at the beginning of New Moon?
Forks High graduation
Bella's birthday party
Forks High prom
Bella's first day of school
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What kind of car is Edward most known for driving?
Mini Cooper
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Why can't the Cullens step out into the direct sunlight?
They melt
They sparkle
They burn
They glow
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At what beach did Jacob rescue Bella from drowning?
La Push
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Who does Edward trust to watch Bella when he is gone?
Alice Cullen
Carlisle Cullen
Jacob Black
Jessica Stanley
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What does Jacob leave behind when he changes shape to a werewolf?
His human thoughts
His clothes
His appetite
His friends
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Who goes to the movies with Bella and Jacob?
Jessica Stanley
Edward Cullen
Mike Newton
Angela Weber
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In Twlight, how does Edward spend his nights?
Watching Bella
Listening to music
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What is Jane's special talent?
She hears people's thoughts
She sees the future
She creates illusions of pain
She changes the past
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Where does Bella go to save Edward at the end of New Moon?
Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of November 2, 2009
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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of November 2, 2009