Texas Abortion Bill 2013

The Texas Abortion Bill Is Signed Into Law

The Texas Abortion Bill Is Signed Into Law

Texas Governor Rick Perry signed into law the abortion bill that bans most abortions after 20 weeks and increases restrictions for abortion clinics and their doctors across the state. On June 25, Democratic Texas Senator Wendy Davis made headlines with her 10-hour filibuster to block the antiabortion bill, and hundreds of activists from both sides made their way to the Texas Capitol over the past few weeks to voice their opinions.

Throughout the special session, hundreds of activists gathered in Austin, filling the atrium of the Texas Capitol building. Clad in orange, the pro-choice crowd chanted and cheered when Davis took the mic, and pro-life activists rallied on the other side of the building in blue. Several people created signs, and more joined the conversation online — on Twitter, the hashtags #StandWithTXWomen and #StandWithWendy were trending on the pro-choice side, and those who are pro-life used the hashtag #Stand4Life. Take a look at all the recent action in Austin, TX.

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