Thanksgiving Travel 2013

America Continues the Tradition of Crazy Holiday Travel

In Chicago, a little guy waited for his parents to check in.

The annual tradition of waiting at airports for hours is under way! Thanks to bad weather on the East Coast, flights have been canceled, and road travel has proven dangerous. And while predictions for the storm's intensity have proven exaggerated, a spokesperson for the National Weather Service says, "The timing of the storm couldn't be worse." If you or your loved ones are stuck at the airport, check out FlightAware's Misery Map for a real-time look at delays and cancellations.

The lethal storm began on the West Coast last week and has moved across the country, turning into a mix of snow, rain, and wind. And it also has a name: Boreas. While grisly travel is a holiday rite of passage, Winter storm Boreas could threaten another Thanksgiving tradition: the parade! Organizers of the the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade say they may need to ground the balloons if the icy storm gets serious. After a Cat in the Hat balloon resulted in life-threatening injuries for a woman in 1997, the city forbade Snoopy and his pals from taking to the sky in winds over 23 mph or gusts over 34 mph.

Whether you're waiting around to board a flight or staying cozy inside, check out some pics of the craziness now.


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