We've been seeing so much of the boys of Ocean's 13 that it's starting to feel a little bit like the Spider-man 3 world tour - not that we're complaining! Part of the reason we can't get enough of all these yummy boys both on-screen and off is that they're such good friends. The chemistry between them and the banter back and forth is always so much fun to watch. For example, here's what George and Matt had to say about Brad and Angie:

Damon: "Brad has had it tough. He's ..."
Clooney: "Hobbled with children ..."
Damon: "And that wife ..."
Clooney: "That horrible, ugly wife."
Damon: "I mean, to go home to her every day ..."
Clooney: "What do you do?"
Damon: "Well, you have your work. That's about it. You can take refuge there."

Wife? Did we all miss something? Did Brad and Angie get married? Anyway, we love that the boys don't take themselves too seriously - it only makes them all the more endearing! We can't wait to see the boys finally primped and polished on the red carpet tomorrow for the big premiere.

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