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26 Things That Lady Gaga Totally Looked Like

Apr 9 2014 - 3:39pm

On her birthday this year, Lady Gaga [1] wore an outfit that definitely looked like the singing wardrobe [2] from Beauty and the Beast, which got us thinking: what else has Lady Gaga looked like? We glanced back at all her craziest ensembles to find out where she got her inspiration, and after careful, in-depth analysis, we're bringing you answers. Keep scrolling to see all the things she's channeled with her crazy looks.

Source: Getty / Dimitrios Kambouris [3], Thinkstock [4], Disney [5]

Effie Trinket From The Hunger Games

An Ad For 7-Eleven Slurpees

Source: 7-Eleven [6]

One of the Aliens From Alien

Yeesh. No wonder we call her Mother Monster.

The Little Mermaid's Sebastian, When He's Covered in Flour

One of Those Weird Creatures From Star Wars

Loki, While He's Wearing His Helmet

Chester Cheetah, in a Santa Outfit

Source: Frito Lay [7]

One the The Amanda Show's Dancing Lobsters

Source: Nickelodeon [8]

Eddie From The Rocky Horror Picture Show

A Giant Satellite Dish

Hades, When He's Really Angry

"WHOA, is my hair out?"

That Slab of Meat Rocky Beats Up

Source: United Artists [9]

Rarity From My Little Pony

Source: Hasbro [10]

A Singing Flower From Alice in Wonderland

A Circus Animal Cookie Without Sprinkles

Source: Facebook user Mother's Cookies [11]

An Evil Playing-Card Soldier From Alice in Wonderland

Professor Trelawney From Harry Potter

The Scary Spaghetti Man From True Detective

A Cool Skeleton Wearing Sunglasses

The White Queen of Narnia

That Crazy Old Lady From Donnie Darko

Source: New Market Films [12]

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree

One of Those Albino Twins From The Matrix

Chansey, the Pokémon

Source: Cartoon Network [13]

That Scene From American Beauty

Those Terrifying Marionette Puppets From Your Childhood

Source: Amazon [14]

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