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Chris Hemsworth Bros Out With Liam and Loki

Chris Hemsworth Bros Out With Liam and Loki

Chris Hemsworth had the support of both his real-life and fictional brothers tonight at the LA premiere of Thor: The Dark World. Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki in the movie, and Liam Hemsworth were both on hand at the Marvel movie's debut, as was Jaimie Alexander, Zachary Levi, and Nathan Fillion. Luckily for Chris, he told us this evening that his relationship with Liam has little in common with Thor and Loki's relatively contentious one. There's another aspect of Chris's character that might hit closer to home for him, though: the demigod's knack for heroism. When we asked whether he's ever done anything superhero-worthy in his own life, Chris revealed that he once helped save a surfer from drowning.

Tonight's red carpet was one of several Chris has walked in recent months. Not only will he make his third big-screen outing as his comic-book character when Thor: The Dark World hits US theaters this weekend, but he also recently starred in Ron Howard's Rush. The F1 racing film didn't top the box office, but Thor's sequel is poised to dominate theater ticket sales, having already raked in more than $109 million internationally. Stay tuned tomorrow for more from the Thor red carpet, including our chat with Tom Hiddleston on how Loki would feel about being such a well-liked bad guy.

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