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It's Time for the Boys Beach Bodies Quiz!

It's Time for the Boys Beach Bodies Quiz!

Last week's Bikini Guess Who Quiz was such a hit that we're back for more, this time bringing you some of our favorite manjoyable shirtless men. Yum. Test yourself to see how well you know these hot celebrity bodies and once your done click here for more celebrity bikini Guess Who fun!

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Guess who likes beer on the beach?
Vince Vaughn
Kid Rock
John Mayer
Dax Shepard
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Guess which funny man took a dip?
Owen Wilson
Will Ferrell
Adam Sandler
Conan O'Brien
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Guess who is learning to surf?
Hugh Jackman
Adrian Grenier
Patrick Dempsey
James Franco
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Guess who is all wrapped up in his towel?
Orlando Bloom
Josh Hartnett
Adam Brody
Johnny Depp
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Guess who was showing off those tattoos?
Paul Walker
Justin Timberlake
Jake Gyllenhaal
Chris Evans
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Guess who needs a tan?
Ryan Gosling
Pete Wentz
Eric Dane
Ryan Phillippe
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Guess who is getting into his beach volleyball game?
Mark Ruffalo
Tony Romo
Ben Affleck
Leonardo DiCaprio
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Guess who is on a yacht?
Eddie Murphy
Kanye West
Denzel Washington
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Guess who is running through the waves?
Will Smith
Chris Brown
Jamie Foxx
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Guess who was basking in the sun on a boat?
John Mayer
Joaquin Phoenix
Justin Bobby
Johnny Depp
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Guess which young male actor is all wet?
Hayden Christensen
Shia LaBeouf
Adam Brody
Zac Efron
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Bonus Question: We thought these familiar abs would be too easy for you all, so we blurred those out instead. Now — who is this final mystery man?
Ryan Phillippe
Brad Pitt
Mark Wahlberg
Matthew McConaughey
Guess the Celebrity Bikini Body!
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Guess the Celebrity Bikini Body!

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