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Why You'd Do Anything to Be Amy and Tina's Third Wheel

Apr 10 2014 - 11:05am

If you've always wished you could insert yourself into Tina Fey [1] and Amy Poehler [2]'s friendship as the third BFF, well, you're not alone. Over the years, the longtime pals have had plenty of sweet friendship moments [3], winning over fans with their SNL characters, their sitcom roles, and their hilarious hosting antics. Now all your movie dreams are coming true with this week's news that Tina and Amy are playing sisters [4] in an upcoming film. It's the first time the funny friends will hit the big screen together since 2008's Baby Mama, so to celebrate the news, we're taking a look at all the reasons you can't help but wish you were Tina and Amy's third wheel.

Source: Getty / Kevin Mazur [5]

They're all about the BFF high fives.

And they get supercreative with them.

It's up top, all the time.

Source: Max 60 Seconds [6]

"Nailed it."

They're just so sweet in showing how much they appreciate each other.

Let's not forget about their amazing dance moves, either.

Tina really has the face-frame thing down.

And Amy's got some serious rhythm.

They're pretty much dance pros.

Source: Comedy Central [7]

Bonus points for this memorable pelvic thrust.

And . . . whatever this is.

Tina and Amy are also style icons.

They know how to strut.

And attitude is so not an issue.

The adorable BFFs go way, way back.

They've shared some beautiful memories.

They have the same likes.

And dislikes.

They both enjoy dressing up.

And getting into character.

Plus, they appreciate the same forms of art.

They're drinking buddies.

And joking buddies.

And they're not afraid to get real.

They have no problem making fun of Matt Damon.

Or "Tam Honks."

And sure, they may not agree on everything.

But they're in sync all the time.

Tina and Amy are classy.

And humble.

And they don't take themselves too seriously.

They work hard.

And play hard.

They're just, well, cool.

They have each other's backs.

And when they share the screen, it's almost too much.

What's not to love?

Answer: nothing.

Tina and Amy, we adore you.

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