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Is Tinkerbell an Impostor?

Paris is coming under fire once again. This time it's not for any video documented exploits, but instead for maybe, possibly using a Tinkerbell impostor. You remember Tinkerbell, right? It's true we haven't seen much of the Chihuahua since she disappeared for a few days back in 2004, but is that any reason to worry? US Weekly thinks so. They are saying Paris recently brought a Chihuahua onto the set of The Hottie and The Nottie and claimed it was Tinkerbell, but that the dog had slightly different coloring than the original pup. She's really done it this time! Once again her rep has issued a full statement to stop this career-ending scandal before it gets any further. Here's more:

“There’s only one Tinkerbell,” Hilton’s rep insists, explaining “The color of Chihuahuas change as they grow older.”

But according to pet expert Charlotte Reed, author of “The Miss Fido Manners Complete Book of Dog Etiquette,” fur may grey with age, but dog nail color stays the same.

“In the older pic, Tinkerbell has a black nail, while in the new one, the nail is white,” she told Us. “I don’t think it’s the same dog.”

Forget Paris Exposed - this is more outrageous! We're betting the humane society will be all over Paris for this. For more pics just read more







Is Tinkerbell an Impostor?  originally posted on POPSUGAR Pets

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