Spider-Man 3 isn't coming out until May but the boys are already busy promoting it. Tobey, James Franco and producer Avi Arad held a press conference in Toyko to talk all about the highly-anticipated third film. The boys had lots of fun joking around with each other and the reporters. When Tobey was asked what he did to prepare for his role he said "[I] just wanted to make sure I was looking really sexy." Of course, Tobey had some serious stuff to say about the webbed crusader and his dorky yet lovable counterpart as well. Here's more: (SPOILER ALERT, but probably not anything you don't know anyway)

"I do like Peter very much, he's become a big part of my life. The 'Spider-Man' world has become a big part of my life. I'm very fond of the world and the team of people that it takes to put the movies together. I've had such a good time so far on this ride. I just love my experiences and I love the world and the character."

"In terms of what's happening with Peter in this film, he goes into the film a little differently in that he's still Peter Parker and, except for his relationship with Harry Osborn, everything is his life is going very well. He's feeling that confidence, the public is adoring him and he's feeling that and letting it get to his head and he gets a little arrogant and cocky and it starts to get him into trouble. It really is funny behavior for Peter."

This doesn't sound like a man who's thinking about quitting the franchise. Hopefully his love for Spider-Man will convince him to continue donning his spidey suit in many more films to come!

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