Tom Cruise on The Daily Show April 2013 | Photos

Tom Cruise Squeezes in a Backstage Reunion With Cuba Gooding Jr.

Tom Cruise visited Cuba Gooding Jr. backstage at The Trip to Bountiful .

Tom Cruise dropped by Broadway's The Trip to Bountiful last night in NYC to catch up with his Jerry Maguire costar Cuba Gooding Jr., who is starring in the play. He hugged Cuba and chatted with him and his costar Vanessa Williams after he wrapped up an earlier appearance on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Tom was in town to promote his new film, Oblivion, which his theaters on Friday.

During his TDS interview, Jon, who is the same age as Tom, marveled at how the actor is still able to do so many physically demanding stunts, and Tom even admitted that he doesn't know where his energy comes from. Tom also chatted about working with new director Joseph Kosinski, and revealed that he doesn't pull A-list rank when on set. Tom said, "It takes a village to make a movie. It's not about me, it's about the story. You bring a team of people together and you want them to bring their best [to the film]." His costars have a similar sense of support for the actor. Tom's Oblivion costar Olga Kurylenko told us earlier this week that she "looked up to Tom" whenever she needed help or guidance, and said that she always felt that she was in "good hands" with him.