Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Moscow Premiere Pictures

Tom Cruise Brings His Mission to Moscow and Talks About Katie's "Family Dance Classes"

Tom Cruise and Paula Patton both wore warm coats in Moscow.

Tom Cruise and Paula Patton posed together at the Moscow premiere of Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol today. Tom changed up his standard suit with a gray coat to top off his look for the red carpet and a green one for the photo call earlier in the day. Tom's in wintry Russia now, after starting the week in much warmer Dubai. Tom has been promoting Mission: Impossible internationally first, but he'll be swinging through the states on a big press tour later this month. He'll be making the talk-show rounds, of course, but he's already sharing some pretty great anecdotes about life at home with wife Katie Holmes and Suri. Tom's next big role is in Rock of Ages, and apparently Katie should get the credit for his branching out into the musical genre.

Tom spoke about Rock of Ages, saying,"You're just as surprised as I am. Kate kept saying, 'You've got to make a musical.' The dancing of Les Grossman is inspired because Kate is a dancer, she sings, and she would take us to [dance classes]. [She would say] 'I've got this dance class for the family. Come on, we've got to do it. We've got hip-hop class. We've got to do it.' "

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