Tom Cruise Smiling Pictures After Divorce

Tom Cruise Manages a Smile on Set as New Split Details Emerge

Tom Cruise gave a laugh on the set of Oblivion in June Lake, CA.

Tom Cruise continued working on Oblivion in June Lake, CA, yesterday. He's focusing on work, and even laughing with colleagues, as stories about his and Katie Holmes's divorce settlement continue to come out. Katie currently lives in NYC with their daughter, Suri Cruise, as well as her mom, Kathleen Holmes. Kathleen and Katie's dad, Martin, have been instrumental in steering Katie through the split. Martin, a lawyer, even apparently offered some professional advice to his daughter.

New reports suggest another source, Tom's former wife Nicole Kidman, helped Katie navigate the split, too. One of the tips may have been for Katie to use disposable phones so that her legal efforts would go undetected by Tom's many advisors.