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Tom & Gisele are Maintaining The 1:1 Purse Ratio

Tom & Gisele are Maintaining The 1:1 Purse Ratio

Tom Brady may have ditched his Yankees cap (in favor of a knit hat, which looks like it could be a little warm), but he's still rocking his Murse from earlier in the week. Okay, fine, this time he's sort of in gym gear so that could be a gym bag, but it's totally more fun to think of it as his fancy camo handbag. As for that Yankees cap, I'm a Red Sox fan to the end, but something about this statement from a Sox spokesperson just makes me laugh: “We know that Tom has an array of Red Sox caps from which to choose. But we fully respect that he needed to wear a suitable disguise for his own health and protection. We don’t doubt that he’s a card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation.” Uhhh, sure, just keep telling yourself that. Sigh, I guess I'll just have to live in a world where Mr. Brady isn't a Red Sox fan.





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