Tom and Scientology Still Make For an Interesting Story

Tom Cruise waved to the paparazzi as he headed out for a drive in Telluride with Katie on Saturday. The Cruise family managed to keep a low profile during their ski vacation, but Tom's name is still making headlines. The first bit of news is that his production company United Artists has struck a deal that will allow the WGA to work for the studio even in the midst of the writers' strike. We're all for any kind of progression with the sad writers' strike, but the juicier Cruise news is the excerpts from an unauthorized biography of Tom.

In the biography, author Andrew Morton pinpoints Tom as the second in Command for Scientology and compares adorable little Suri to Rosemary's Baby, among other claims. One of Tom's lawyers has already answered back saying the book is sick and full of lies. We're not denying that Tom has done some weird stuff, but some of Morton's accusations just seem over the top, which will probably only help him sell more copies.





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