Another day and another country for jet-setting Tom Cruise, who premiered Lions for Lambs today at the Rome Film Festival. He was joined by his co-star and traveling buddy, Robert Redford. Tom has been busy filming Valkyrie and now promoting Lions for Lambs, but once he's done he plans to hang with his good friend Beckham. Tom spoke a bit about his plans while in London. Here's more:

"We will go out and fly some airplanes or race some cars or something like that," Cruise told BBC Radio 5 Live as he hit the red carpet for the London Film Festival premiere of his new flick, Lions for Lambs. Cruise, 45, admitted that any thrilling exploits would first have to get the go-ahead from Beckham's wife. "I'll talk to Victoria and see if she's all right with that. But we'll have some fun," he said.

Even though Tom and Becks might have big plans, Victoria is clearly the boss. Tom also told fans that later today he is flying to Berlin to re-join his family. Hope this means more adorable Suri sightings! Many more of Tom so read more

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