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Tony's Not In Over His Head With Jessica

Feb 11 2008 - 10:30am

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo were back to the warm weather and beach wear [1] this weekend, though the trip to Hawaii wasn't just vacation good times for the happy couple. Tony was in town to play in the Pro Bowl yesterday afternoon — rough life, right? It looks like Jess was happy to accompany her man on the "business trip." I gotta say that these two are totally growing on me. While in town for the game, Tony and his teammate Terrell Owens sat down to chat with a FOX sportswriter. Of course, Miss Simpson came up. Here's what the boys had to say: [2]


Marvez: Tony, how do you have to change your life now because of all the attention your relationship with Jessica is getting?
Owens: "I think he's in way over his head."
Romo: "(Smiling) Definitely not. I don't read the stuff like everyone else does, so it doesn't affect me. If I were to watch and read everything that is written and said, as a human being it would probably be difficult...I came to an understanding a little while back that no one is going to remember me in five or seven years anyway so let them talk and say what they want to say. In seven years, I'm going to be off doing whatever and living normal so it's like, 'Work hard. Try to do things right in life and forget about the rest of the junk.'"

How about Mr. Modesty? While I think that Tony may be selling himself short there, he does seem like a total sweetheart. I may be the only one, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed things keep working out with him and Jess. Maybe next season she'll even be welcome back in the stands [3]? Yeah, we'll see.

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