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The Truth Behind Hilary's Lyrics

The Truth Behind Hilary's Lyrics

Hilary showed some serious stems in short shorts while signing autographs for fans at a Dignity release event in Hollywood yesterday. The album has only been out for a day, but some of the tracks already have people talking. There's been speculation that two of the songs, Gypsy Woman and Stranger, attack her ex, Joel and his new girlfriend Nicole. In fact, Hilary says the songs in question are about her parents difficult split last year. Here's more:

This is so hard to talk about," Duff says....She's referring to the separation last year of her parents, Bob and Susan Duff, which the family managed to keep more private than the Duff/Madden breakup. "For some reason, I was embarrassed that my family wasn't perfect and that some woman had broken it up."

That other woman, she says, is the subject of Gypsy, which the singer co-wrote with her elder sister and frequent collaborator, Haylie. "And Stranger is a song I wrote about how my mom must feel around my dad. I made it seem like it was about a relationship I was in, because I didn't want people to know about my parents. But I've realized that so many people can relate to what I've gone through."

They say songwriting is a form of therapy so maybe this is how Hilary got herself through her parents split however; we think these songs could conveniently have a double meaning.






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