Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's Secret Residence

Is This What Would Happen If the White House Were Abandoned?

Members of the public looked through the house's windows to see inside.

The home of Ukraine's toppled president has become a public attraction. Following the ousting of Viktor Yanukovych last Saturday, the leader fled Kiev, and thousands of people flocked to his mysterious, opulent estate to see what he's been hiding. Known as Mezhyhirya, the president's compound features multiple mansions, expansive lawns, a tennis court, a golf course, a giant galleon ship, and fine furnishings that have the public gawking. Why? For years, Yanukovych kept quiet about his residence, insisting that he lived modestly on a small plot of land.

Journalists eventually discovered the truth behind his secret residence, and once the leader fled, the gates were opened to the public while antigovernment protesters stood guard to keep order and make sure no one stole anything or damaged the property. As if it were a museum, thousands of people lined up to view the estate, and activists snapped pictures of some over-the-top accents inside what some are deeming a guesthouse. Get a glimpse below.

Source: Getty / AFP