Drew looks so retro with her Ray-Ban Wayfarers and 80's headphones. Quite a different look than the one she sported the night before at the London premiere for Music and Lyrics. With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, Drew is happy to talk about how not-unhappy it makes her to just spend the saccharine holiday with friends rather than a lovahh. Here's more:

"I don't know what I'm doing, but [I'm] probably going to go bowling with all my girlfriends," Barrymore told reporters Monday night at the London premiere of her movie Music and Lyrics – which opens on Feb. 14.

Wearing a strapless John Galliano dress custom-made for her, Barrymore, 31, said that hanging out with her pals "is just a fantastic time. I love my girlfriends and we love going to dinners and movies and playing games at home or with wine."

That's all well and good, but new rumors are surfacing that Drew may, in fact, be attached to a new man. Sources say that Drew was looking might-ty cozy with Zach Braff at the SNL post-party. Awww, sounds like someone might be getting an extra special mix CD for V-Day. I mean, there is a new Shins's album after all.