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Valentines Day for Singles

Don’t get so mad that you wanna kill cupid because you’re not celebrating Valentines Day with the opposite sex. Get out and have some fun anyway. There are plenty of places to go that are targeted just for singles on this special day.

Some times the sense of isolation becomes so strong that many singles tend to “hate Valentine's Day” - the day that is actually meant to celebrate love.

But dateless people must keep in mind that Valentine's Day is not just to be celebrated by romantically involved couples. We can therefore celebrate Valentine's Day with friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, teachers or anyone who made a difference to our lives with their affection and support.

Singles can make the most of Valentine's Day by spending the day in the company of those they love or by indulging themselves with something luxurious. Here are some tips and ideas on how singles can celebrate the Valentine's Day in charming and memorable fashion:

Valentine's Day Ideas for Singles

Pamper yourself

Buy yourself cute Valentine's Day gifts which could be flowers, a cute teddy or a dress you have been planning to buy since long. Singles may also indulge themselves by going in for spa or head to toe beauty treatment. Indulging in books, CDs, and gourmet meals can be a good way of enjoying the day for some.

Freak out with friends

Plan out a dinner or movie with best friends. You may also throw a “singles party” or “Un-Valentine's Day Party” at your home and have a blast. You will know that life is fun in the company of loving friends.

Acts of Service

Singles can spend Valentine's Day in the meaningful way by spending time with the needy and downtrodden. You may visit an orphanage or old age home and spend time with the inmates there who are always in need of love and affection. Visiting hospitals and giving roses to sick can also be a touching way of experiencing bliss on Valentine's Day.

Express Gratitude for friends and dear ones

Instead of feeling depressed and ashamed for not having a significant other to spend the day, singles can spend Valentine's Day in a constructive manner by expressing love and affection for people around them. One can thank and greet Valentine's Day to one's parents, friends, colleagues, neighbors or anyone dear.

Think Positive

Singles can make the most of Valentine's Day by thinking positive and fighting away Valentine's Day blues. One should not spend the day sulking for not having a spouse or beloved to spend the day in a happy manner.

Focus on Relationship Plan

Singles can focus on their relationship plan on Valentine's Day and prepare themselves for healthy and lasting relationships. One can take help of dating and matrimonial sites to find a partner. Also make a list of what you can do to improve your personality. It could be developing a more healthy and positive approach towards life or working towards one's diet, health and physical appearance.

Take steps you think are vital to improve your chances for relationship. Make some resolutions for yourself and stick to them. Good luck!! :)

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Iveenia Iveenia 6 years
:) thank you
PinkNC PinkNC 6 years
Wow, I loved your last line there :) It's so true. Everyday should be Valentines Day when it comes to the ones you love.
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years
you know Pink - even so - we are all virtually connected - the spark only iginites personally :) - i.e. with Mr. Right, right? ;) you are right - i hv always been independent - just now i do depend on my parents because i hv no job... yet all will change - and i love this year already - :) you must be, too - otherwise you would not make conclusions like that :) and FRIENDS are more important than boyfriend or husband - that = no joke - if i did not have my friends - (i never neglected them - not even in Libya - i regularly mailed to them, even so not every day) - i would not be back here in Europe - yes - FRIENDS last - yet only true friends - that is why i really do not hesitate if one of them needs my help - be it in any continent - they can call me - mail or sms :) so what is Valentine's anyway? if we love each other - then each day is Valentine's day :HEART:
PinkNC PinkNC 6 years
I'm glad you liked the ideas *IVeenia* I think some women get too depressed when Valentines Day comes along and they don't have a man to share it with. There are so many things you can do to pamper yourself. If you do it good enough then being without a man shouldn't cross your mind too much. Independent women don't feel down in the dumbs when they're single. Then you have those women that can't go a literal 2 weeks without a man or looking for one. I don't think I could be one of those. You have also always sounded very independent to me *Iveenia* I hope you always stay that way even after you find someone special.
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years
Thank you Pink - was a very nice day anyway :) i.e. lots of wishes and oaths fm my "virtual prince charmings" :ROTFL: oh well - as long as no one on a horse is showing up... ;) :HUG: and thank you for your precious ideas :)
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