Vanity Fair Women in TV Issue Cover 2012

Sofia, Claire, and Julianna Cover Vanity Fair — With Downton's Lady Mary!

Julianna Margulies, Claire Danes, Sofia Vergara, and Michelle Dockery cover Vanity Fair.

Claire Danes and Sofia Vergara have the honors of covering Vanity Fair's Women in TV issue. The May 2012 edition also features leading ladies from The Good Wife and Downton Abbey, Julianna Margulies and Michelle Dockery, respectively. Michelle, who plays Lady Mary on the hit UK series, spoke with the publication about when she knew she had a hit on her hands, and Modern Family's Sofia recounted a similar tale. Julianna first made her mark on TV back in the '90s on ER, and she spoke about the last episode she watched. Claire Danes, who's amazing on Showtime's Homeland, had similar '90s success with My So-Called Life. The ladies said:

  • Julianna on the last ER episode she watched: "Oh my goodness. A full on episode was probably the last episode I did, where George Clooney goes — or I go to him — and we ride off into the sunset. And that was probably . . . 10 years ago!"
  • Michelle on the cult status of Downton Abbey: "I think the first time I realized Downton Abbey was a hit was when I was sitting in a tea shop in New York, in Greenwich Village, and the couple next to me were talking about Downton Abbey — and then they recognized me."
  • Sofia on when she knew Modern Family was going to last: "After the first episode aired, and I was getting recognized all over, the street, after the first week, so we all knew that it was a good one."

Photos courtesy Norman Jean Roy exclusively for Vanity Fair