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Variety's Power of Women Event Brings A-Listers to Laughter and Tears

Variety's Power of Women Event Brings A-Listers to Laughter and Tears

Some of the most impactful women in Hollywood, from studio heads to A-list actresses, came together in Beverly Hills at today's Variety Power of Women event to celebrate good works. Kerry Washington, Amy Poehler, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Hudson, and Elizabeth Banks were all honored for their charitable efforts on behalf of a range of good causes, including AIDS prevention and heart disease.

Amy Poehler was given a Lifetime Impact Award for her partnership with Worldwide Orphans Foundation. She gave a powerful and occasionally tearful acceptance speech but couldn't resist injecting some of her signature humor into her address. She told attendees that if they took away anything from the event, it should be that "giving to charity is good for your skin and makes your ass smaller." On a more serious note, Nicole, who was recognized for her work with UN Women, credited her mother's independent streak with sparking her commitment to the cause. "I was raised by a feminist mother. She said, 'Never be frightened of using the 'F' word.'" Charlize, founder of the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Program, similarly took the opportunity to honor her own mom, who joined her at the luncheon. The actress was brought to tears as she dedicated the tribute to her, thanking her for both teaching her how to be a "decent human being" and "for turning me into a p*ssy every time I talk about you."

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