Victoria Beckham Cover of Harper's Bazaar May 2012

Victoria Beckham Wears a Bikini, Talks David's Underwear in Harper's Bazaar

Victoria Beckham in a bikini for Harper's Bazaar.

Photo courtesy Camilla Akrans and Harper’s Bazaar UK

Victoria Beckham struck a pose for the May 2012 issue of Harper's Bazaar UK, and inside the magazine, she donned a bikini. The busy mom of four talked with the publication about David's foray into bodywear designs for H&M. A passion for creating clothing is something Victoria and David have in common, and she also opened up about what it was like designing as her figure changed while pregnant with daughter Harper. The full feature appears in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK, which is on sale Monday, April 2. Here's more from Victoria:

  • On testing her own designs: "We always joke that we have this fabulously gorgeous 17-year-old model who is six-foot-whatever, and then I say 'OK, I'm going to put it on. I stand for the general public here.' It's how I work. I found it really difficult when I was pregnant and I couldn't do that. It's part of the process — I'll stand here in my knickers and start draping fabric over myself. It was very hard when I didn't have my body."
  • Victoria on who she'd like to be trapped in an elevator with: "I'm quite obsessed with Tilda Swinton. I find her intriguing, very stylish, she clearly understands fashion."
  • Victoria on David Beckham’s H&M line: "David created it, we own it and H&M does the distribution. It makes sense business-wise and it has integrity, because David has designed it all himself."

Photos courtesy Camilla Akrans and Harper’s Bazaar UK