Victoria Beckham and Harper Travel to NYC | Pictures

Victoria Beckham and Harper Trade London For the Big Apple

Victoria Beckham and daughter Harper arrived at JFK.

Victoria Beckham and her daughter Harper Beckham arrived at JFK Airport in NYC on Friday night. Posh was decked out in her usual high heels, while Harper was adorable in toddler-sized Nikes. The Beckham ladies were fresh off a flight from London, where they spent much of the last week. Victoria shopped around London, popping in to buy vintage clothing, but she also made sure to log time at work. While Victoria was abroad, her husband David Beckham was at home in LA with their three sons. David took his motorcycle out for a spin when he wasn't busy with the boys or practicing with the LA Galaxy. Today, though, he's on the road with the team since he and his squad have an away game in San Jose, CA.

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