Video of Kanye West Performing on the Late Show With David Letterman

Kanye Has His Love Locked Down and His Album For Sale

Kanye West took his cap straight from the AMAs to the Ed Sullivan theater for a performance on the The Late Show With David Letterman last night. Poor Kanye sounded a little hoarse as he belted out "Love Lockdown," but it's been a super busy week for him promoting 808s & Heartbreak, which is out today. As the critics start weighing in on his new sound, Kanye has nothing but pride for his new album, saying, "You know people sometimes don't understand great art when they first hear it, but I am very confident in it. Whether it sells as much as the last one, or way more, I feel like I am just successful in doing something I felt really good about." We're already sold on Kanye's new sound even though he seems to be in a sad place right now, and it sounds like he's come a long way since last year's feud with 50 Cent.

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