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Do You Think Tom Cruise Is on His Way to Being Back on Top?

May 29 2010 - 8:00am

Tom Cruise [1] has reprised his hilarious Tropic Thunder [2] character Les Grossman for a series of MTV Movie Awards [3] promo including one alongside Robert Pattinson [4] and anther bringing out his famous Risky Business [5] dance moves. Tom is also slated to be a presenter during the show, which is timed perfectly to coincide with his Knight and Day [6] promotional tour. His Esquire cover [7] and Oprah interview [8] were well received, and of course we always love seeing him with his family [9]. We're ready for Tom to have another huge blockbuster hit and have everyone believe in his A-List movie star status again. So tell us — do you think Tom Cruise is on his way to being back on top?

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