Violet's Getting a Sibling...Just Not Yet

Violet's Getting a Sibling...Just Not Yet

Jennifer Garner was looking comfy cozy as she smiled and waved to her fans after her performance in Cyrano De Bergerac in NYC last night. Last week Jen was honored as Glamour's Woman of the Year where she looked stunning, but we all know that she prefers to be casual. In Jen's interview with the magazine, she talks more about being a working mommy and spending time with Violet. Here's more:

  • On keeping a balance:
    "I’m trying to, but it’s hard: I just had a year off where I put every spoonful of food into [Violet’s] mouth. Now I’m working and though I’m usually with her more hours than not, some days I just can’t be. That’s hard for me, and for the first time, my daughter. Luckily my husband is a true partner, and he picks up where I leave off."
  • On raising Violet in the spotlight:
    "It’s not my favorite thing, but it’s a fact of life. It’s important to us that she remain a kid. If she wants to do theater someday, OK. But as far as making a living from it, that’s not a kid’s job. We won’t allow it."
  • On having more kids:
    "I always wanted to have several. And Violet needs a sibling. But I’m not pregnant, and we’re not trying yet."

We know that Jen and Ben are way too busy right now for more kids, but we still can't help but hope that maybe they'll get bitten by the baby fever that seems to be sweeping Hollywood right now.




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