Weirdest Moments From the Billboard Music Awards

34 Questions We Have For the Billboard Music Awards

Weirdest Moments From the Billboard Music Awards

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Dear Billboard Music Awards, we know you're one of the biggest nights of the year for music, but we just have a few questions about Sunday's show, if you'll humor us. It was a lot for us to take in. We felt like Jennifer Lopez's performance looked incredibly familiar, we couldn't escape the sneaking suspicion that Ricky Martin's appearance teleported us back to the '90s, and we were having trouble wrapping our mind around that too-soon Solange Knowles joke. So, if you don't mind, we're going to go ahead and ask away.

1. Haven't we seen this somewhere before, Jennifer Lopez? Oh yeah, at the 2011 show!

2. Wait, are those folding chairs? Yep. Those are definitely folding chairs.

3. So, Ricky Martin and Fred Durst are here. What year is it?

4. Ricky Martin looks fine, though; can I get an amen?

5. Seriously, does Ricky Martin even age?

6. Kendall Jenner, are you OK?

7. Kendall, do you need anything?