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We'll Never See It Britney's Way, Because We're Not Her

Jun 25 2007 - 12:18am

In case you missed the exciting Britney news this weekend, not only was she finally happy to show off little Jayden James [0], but there was news that she will be on stage next weekend for the LA stop on Cindi Lauper & Co's True Colors tour. All of that is very Yay, but all is not happy on Britney's personal front. While we reported a little while back that she was reconciling with her mom [0], rumors have been swirling that Brit is getting a restraining order against Lynne. Now Britney's updated her bizarre [0] and often cryptic website by highlighting the phrase [1] "You'll Never See it My Way, Because You're Not Me" and adding at the bottom, "Mother to Grandmother, and my my, you're grand." Considering how close the two have been all these years, it's only natural that they fight sometimes too. Let's just hope Britney knows who in her life is just trying to help out of love.


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