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Wet Hot Generous Sundance

These days, exclusive movie festivals seem as much about free stuff for celebs as they are about the films. At this year's Sundance, the festival's Papa, Robert Redford, has even been seen wearing a pin that says "Focus on Film"...but it's not really helping much. So much for the power of words, eh Redford? JK, buddy. There is hope, however, because some celebs are choosing to donate their freebies to worthy causes rather than throw them on top of their endless piles of other superfluous stuff (which I assume exist in every celeb home). Here's more:

The adorable Adam Brody picked up a leather messenger bag from one of the swag stations and immediately brought it to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society table so it could be auctioned off for charity. Like we needed another reason to love him.

Donating, in fact, became the "in" thing this year at the normally opulent event. Not only did the LLS set up shop, but the filmmakers of "Low and Behold" also provided a drop box for freebies to benefit Hurricane Katrina survivors.

So what did the original receivers think of the new giving-back trend?

"I actually don't believe in charity," actor's actor Paul Rudd told us. "By working hard and entertaining the world, I think I deserve a cashmere stereo."

He was joking, of course (though I wouldn't mind cuddling with a cashmere stereo. Mmmm, cashmere), and said that he would stop by the donation suites soon. I love me some Paul Rudd, but I hope this gnome look is put to rest soon (I swear, underneath the beard, he's hot). Adam Brody being cute and giving, too? Be still my dork-loving heart.

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