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9 Reasons You Need to Start Crushing on Ansel Elgort

Jun 5 2014 - 3:28am

Things are already exploding for newcomer Ansel Elgort, and The Fault in Our Stars [1] hasn't even come out yet. We've been fans of Ansel ever since our interview with him at Comic-Con [2] last Summer, and it's time for you to understand why. Last year was a big year for the 19-year-old actor, who hails from NYC; he appeared on the big screen for the first time as Tommy Ross in the remake of Carrie, starring Chloë Moretz. 2014 has only been getting bigger: he's in the wildly popular Divergent trilogy, the first installment of which just hit theaters, and we already know he'll break our hearts in TFiOS. Our excitement for Ansel is about more than just his career, though — he's just an all-around awesome person! Scroll down to see all the reasons why we think so.

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1. He Has a Gorgeous Smile

Like, how is this OK?

Source: Instagram user anselelgort [4]

2. He's a Big Goofball

"Got a job at In-N-Out!"

Source: Instagram user anselelgort [5]

3. He's Super Hot

Sorry, but it's true.

Source: Flaunt Magazine [6]

It's just not fair.

Source: Instagram user anselelgort [7]

4. He's Just Like the Rest of Us

And the glorious caption was, "#caughtslippin," of course.

Source: Instagram user anselelgort [8]

5. He Loves Food

"COOKIEEESSS Aaayyyyy #girlscouts #austintexas"

Source: Instagram user anselelgort [9]

Yes, that would be chicken and waffles.

Source: Instagram user anselelgort [10]

He doesn't even believe in portion control: "Stole a cake from @cmoretz's Bday party... Sorry."

Source: Instagram user anselelgort [11]

6. He's Even Better to Watch On Screen

His emotions give us emotions.

7. He Really Gets Into Character

This is a direct reference to his character from The Fault in Our Stars, Augustus Waters. Gus always likes to put an unlit cigarette (a "killing thing") in his mouth but not give it the power to kill him.

Everyone loves the way Gus and Hazel reassure each other in The Fault in Our Stars: "Okay?" "Okay."

8. He's Got Style

9. He's Thankful For His Fans!

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