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Why It's Time to Consider Becoming a Cumberb*tch

Feb 19 2014 - 9:41am

By now, you've surely heard the name Benedict Cumberbatch. It's a difficult one to forget. What is easy to forget, however, is what's behind that name and those charming British looks! Benedict has been all over award season because of his roles in 12 Years a Slave and August: Osage County. While his individual performances haven't received any nods, he's been there in support of his nominated cast members as well as each film's general nominations.

It's clear Benedict has been sweeping celebrities and fans alike off their feet, and it's time to remind you why he's so great. That's where we come in. Even before award season, Benedict was causing a stir [1]. We're going over the best and the brightest moments of Benedict's career so far, from his (not so) secret sexiness to his near-perfect Alan Rickman [2] impression. Keep scrolling to find out what makes the Cumberb*tches — yes, that would be the actual name of his actual fan base — go so wild.

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He's Under-the-Radar Sexy

Yep, even with all the competition, Benedict is dominating our sexiest man of award season poll [4]. He's got almost half the votes.

He's Got the Whole British Charm Thing Down

What a wink, especially after a dramatic reading of R. Kelly's "Genius." [5]

Just look at that deadly eyebrow arch.

He's Already Making Friends in Hollywood

He's not afraid to get goofy with Sarah Paulson.

Look at this tender moment he shared with Hollywood mainstay Julia Roberts [6].

Just look at him! He was this close to fellow award-season favorite Lupita Nyong'o!

He Has a Teenage Doppelgänger

Bless this British teenage Cumberbatch look-alike [7].

Source: Instagram user tylermichell98 [8]

He Was on the Cover of Time

Benedict casually graced the cover of Time for the Oct. 28, 2013, international issue like it was no big deal. Time also released a behind-the-scenes video [9]!

He Became a Meme

That's right: his fan base, the Cumberbitches, started its own version of planking, aptly titled "Sherlocking." [10] Of course, it caught on like wildfire.

Source: Instagram user allonsyalways [11]

He's an Epic Kisser

Admit it: it's really hard to pry your eyes away from this Sherlock kissing GIF [12].

Source: BBC [13]

Even the Muppets Like Him

No one solves Muppet mysteries [14] like Benedict.

Source: Twitter user PBS [15]

He Took Over Reddit, and Everyone Went Insane

That's right. Benedict did a Reddit AMA [16] (Ask Me Anything) back in October and practically broke the Internet.

Source: Twitter user 5thEstateMovie [17]

He's Got Pretty Sweet Dance Moves

And on a Star Trek spaceship, no less.

His Secret Weapon: An Alan Rickman Impression

Once you nail your Alan Rickman [18], you know you've made it.

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