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13 Reasons You Can't Help But Love Taylor Swift

Oct 17 2014 - 12:37pm

Taylor Swift [1] has been in the spotlight a lot as she promotes her upcoming album, 1989, and she's taken to social media to reveal that a new song will be released [2] on Tuesday. While promoting the album in the UK, Taylor performed a cover [3] of Vance Joy's "Riptide," and she made headlines on Friday when Billboard announced [4] that she's been named the 2014 Billboard Woman of the Year — the first artist to win that honor twice. However, while a lot of people are rediscovering their love for Taylor this week, the truth is that she has always been kinda awesome. Over the years, we've seen her mature from a cute country teen into one of the classiest and most down-to-earth pop stars on the planet. The secret to Taylor's success? Mixing fun with love for her fans and always staying true to herself. Keep reading for all the reasons we admire this musical powerhouse.

Source: Getty / Neil Mockford, Alex Huckle [5]

She Takes Time to Visit Sick Young Fans

She Can Actually Play the Guitar

And she's really, really good.

She Makes Crafty Gifts

Like this needlepoint for her pal Ed Sheeran.

She's Dated Your Not-So-Secret Crushes

Don't forget about that Jake Gyllenhaal [6] fling!

She Had a Pizza Party With Her Fans in Her Apartment . . .

And Didn't Get Mad When They Broke One of Her VMAs

How awesome is that?

She Wore This Shirt With Pride

She Sang With Prince William and Jon Bon Jovi . . .

And Gave Wills a Double High-Five!

She Can Always Be Counted on to Dance at Award Shows

She's Best Friends With Lorde . . .

And Karlie Kloss

Even Lena Dunham Thinks She Is Awesome!

Of course she does!

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