Jen and Ben stepped out without Violet to visit a Doctor's office in LA this week. We love seeing that Jen is such a hands on mom. We even remember seeing Jen covered in fake blood while playing with Violet on the set of her upcoming action film, The Kingdom. In the April Allure she talks about how mixing work and mommyhood was a little messy - literally. Here's more:

"Violet would be there on set and I would feed her an then go back out. I was covered in blood and mud and dirt, and so her little sweet pink outfits would be caked in fake blood by the time she went home. She had blood across her forehead, and you don't want to see that on a little one."

We're sure little Violet didn't even notice and was just happy to be at work with Mommy. We totally understand Jen's concern about her pristine little baby, though.