Worst Hair Decision of the Day: David Arquette

Is that Vanilla Ice? Noooo, obviously it's David Arquette who has shaved the name of his new movie, The Tripper (though it looks a little like "Trippep," no?) into the back of his head. David is certainly not a conventional dresser, but this may be my least favorite choice of all. At least it can be removed in a few smooth buzzer strokes. Like, you know perhaps when he's passed out. Are you listening, Courteney? Also, is that a leather track suit? How...non breathable.

70418j8_arquette_d_b_gr_04 copy

70418j8_arquette_d_b_gr_05 copy

70418j8_arquette_d_b_gr_01 copy

70418j8_arquette_d_b_gr_06 copy