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Remember When Prince William Was a Superhot Teen Idol?

Jun 21 2014 - 4:54am

Want to feel old? If you were born in the '80s, you probably remember pining over Prince William, who turns 32 on Saturday. Just like JTT or Andrew Keegan, William dominated the covers of teeny bopper magazines, with his blue eyes and full head of floppy blond hair. In fact, I recall feeling bad for Prince Harry, since his older brother got all the good looks — hello, late bloomer! After growing up with William, we still have a soft spot for the prince. And being a doting dad and apparently loving husband definitely looks good on him. But we'll never forget his heartthrob days. Let's look back on them.

He Was on the Cover of Magazines as a Teen Idol

After Prince William turned 14, People declared William "suddenly smashing."

In 1998, YM put 15-year-old Prince William on their cover helping American women dream about the future king.

The prince's 18th birthday was also a big occasion, and he was declared "rich but unspoiled."

In 1999, Star lied to us by telling us William was moving to America. But we'll take the photo they chose for the cover.

There Were Pinup Posters

Just like any bona fide heartthrob, teen girls could buy pinup posters of him.

Dare we say he has too much hair in this one?

Everyone Wanted to Know His Favorite Food, Music, and More

Remember those Tiger Beat features that asked heartthrobs a bunch of questions about their likes and dislikes? William filled out something similar on the occasion of his 16th and 18th birthdays. Some samples from his 16th birthday:

And on his 18th:

He Made Stamps Sexy

I'd start a collection of these bad boys.

His Orchestrated Photo Shoots Were Seriously Hot

On special occasions, Prince William would allow the press to photograph him. He explained his decision:

"The media have left me alone while I have been at Eton, for which I am grateful. But I knew there would be a lot of media interest in my 18th, and I didn't want a whole host of media involved. Neither did I want any distractions as I was revising for my A-levels. So, I agreed to allow one photographer and a TV cameraman to spend a little time with me at Eton."

Lucky for us, these photos were amazing, like this one above taken of Wills at Eton.

The press was allowed to snap a few shots of William on his first day of school at St. Andrews University in 2001.

In 2004, we got this heartthrob smile from the prince, who was captured playing some pool with his college friends.

And look how studious he was.

And Sometimes the Photos Were Goofy

At times, William's press photos were a bit cheesy — but that's what we expect from our teen idols. Here was the prince hanging out at a beach in Scotland in 2003.

He also showed off his practice golf swing.

Just your average prince, posing on the sand in front of some ruins.

Splish, splash!

He Looked Like a Catalog Model

Hello, hot stuff.

A sweatshirt never looked so good.

He Made a Supermodel Blush

Claudia Schiffer and Wills look good together.

It's all just too much to handle!

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