Zac Efron and Danny DeVito Promote Lorax in Spain Pictures

Zac Efron Brings His Baby Blues and Sexy Smile to Spain

Zac Efron promoting The Lorax in Spain.

Zac Efron was fresh faced for a photocall in Madrid today. He posed for The Lorax overseas with costar Danny DeVito after traveling to Spain yesterday. Zac had a layover at Heathrow Airport, where he sported his flashy zebra-stripe sunglasses and a hat while waiting for his next flight. Zac's been on the go doing press for the animated feature, including a stop on Conan to talk about his aggressive female fans. There's one lady he hasn't opened up about, though — his rumored girlfriend Lily Collins. She's been busy promoting her own project, Mirror Mirror, and while she didn't confirm their relationship, she did share that she's interested in "someone that's open to spontaneity and not close-minded — and makes you feel like being you is enough."

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