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Zac Efron Gettin' Built

Jul 13 2007 - 3:38pm

Wow, there's something slightly creeptastic about looking at these pictures of Zac Efron hitting the gym, perhaps he's looking to bulk up for his remake of Footloose [1]? Hey, I'm not even saying he's hot, and he is 19 after all. Zac is certainly in the running for Next Big Thing [1] Status (heck, even Movie Star Shia wants to be him [1]) and judging from the clips I've seen of Hairspray, he's definitely got a certain charisma. Though the real star of that movie has got to be Nikki Blonsky -- in case you missed it, check out Buzz's interview with her and the film's director! [2] Now, back to Efron at the gym. Hopefully all his make-up [3] is waterproof!


Bauer-Griffin [4]

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