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Zac Efron Has Been Making Us Swoon Since 2006 — and These GIFs Prove It

Mar 30 2014 - 3:52am

Zac Efron [1] set High School Musical fans' hearts aflutter when he revealed that he'd be "100 percent" game for a reunion [2] with the cast. As he told E!, everyone has been thinking about it, and every time they all get together, it "brings you right back to those days." His exciting news got us reminiscing about the original 2006 movie and its two epic sequels, which marked the first time we ever swooned over Zac and his singing, dancing, and smirking skills — sometimes while shirtless [3]. To celebrate the potential reunion, we rounded up 12 GIFs that represent our first impressions of him. Are you sitting down, Wildcats? Because things are about to get steamy in here. You can bet on it.

If this isn't enough to satisfy your love of Zac, here's more:

This Wink

This Hip Thrust

He Knows How to Jump, Jump

When Troy Spins Gabriella Around

Especially When It's in the Rain

When He Points With Passion

Whenever He Can't Handle His Emotions

His Hand-Eye Coordination, No Matter How Silly

Even His Karate Moves Are Amazing

He Knows How to Whip His Hair

Just as Well as He Knows How to Kiss His Girl

But Most of All, We Love When There's Double the Zac

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