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12 Times Zac Efron Made You Swoon in High School Musical

Oct 17 2014 - 10:20am

Zac Efron [1] turns 27 on Saturday, and his birthday has us reminiscing about his breakout role as Troy Bolton Disney's 2006 movie, High School Musical, and its two epic sequels. It marked the first time we ever swooned over Zac and his singing, dancing, and smirking skills — sometimes while shirtless [2]. To celebrate his birthday, not only did we round up all his hottest movie pictures [3] and put together 74 crucial moments in our decade-long crush on Efron [4], we unearthed 12 GIFs that represent our first impressions of him. Are you sitting down, Wildcats? Because things are about to get steamy in here. You can bet on it.

That Time He Winks and You Melted

When He Thrusts His Hips and It's All Over

When He Proves His Ability to Jump, Jump, Jump

That Time He Spins Gabriella and You Didn't Understand Why You Weren't Her

And Then They Spin in the Rain and Your World Collapses

When He Points With Passion . . . Right Into Your Soul

Whenever He Can't Handle His Emotions

That Time He Seamlessly Melds Sports and Music

His Impeccable Use of Tai Chi Choreography

When He Whips His Hair Before Willow Smith Even Knew What That Meant

When His Sweet Moment With Gabriella Made Your Heart Ache

But Most of All, When He Looks in the Water and There's Double the Zac

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