Zac Efron on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Pictures

Zac Efron Brings His Best Holiday Game to Jimmy Fallon

Zac Efron threw doll heads with Jimmy Fallon.

Zac Efron suited up for an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in NYC last night. Zac was there to talk about New Year's Eve, which hits theaters tomorrow, but the interview took a fun turn when Jimmy asked Zac to play a festive basketball game. Zac and Jimmy went head-to-head in a shoot out, though instead of basketballs they used holiday items like mini Christmas trees. Jimmy ended up winning the match, but Zac was a good sport about the loss.

Zac threw on a tie later in the evening to attend the premiere of New Year's Eve with Jessica Biel, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Zac and Michelle also shared the red carpet at Monday's LA screening, but their costars Ashton Kutcher and Lea Michelle managed to steal much of the attention with their flirtatious behavior. Zac's the one taking the spotlight in our favorite shirtless star of 2011 poll, though, since he's got the most votes behind Robert Pattinson.

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