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Zach Braff Loves The Ex, Himself

Zach Braff is doing his thang in NYC to help promote The Ex. While the movie looks like it could be really hit or miss, the appeal of Zach, Amanda and Jason Bateman could keep it minorly afloat at the box office. Then again, have you seen what it's up against? No matter how this movie does, Zach's looking like he's feeling pretty good about himself these days. Last week, however, he was reprimanded for taking pictures inside the strictly no-cameras allowed club, Marquee. Braff retaliated by saying that he was just taking photos of himself, and isn't a "celebrity stalker." Yeah, dude, how else is he going to prove he was actually inside the exclusive club? Kidding, kidding. But seriously, he probably needed a new pic for his MySpace.

zach_braff_070507_01 copy

zach_braff_070507_06 copy



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