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alex evans biographyy

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he is a boy.
his parents called him Alexandre.
he turned 17 years old on july 30th.
he lives in Montreal, canada.
he is an independant person.
he loves to think, and to be alone.
when he has something to say, he does.
he has a photography portfolio.
writing is a passion for him.
music is something he listens to all the time.
avril lavigne is his hero.
he has over 115 000 friends on myspace.
he has a 15 years old sister.
he doesn't get along with a lot of people.
he created Heartbreaker Clothing.
he loves to read books.
love is something he finds hard to understand.
dawson is the college he's going to..
he's always right when he says something.
he doesn't trust a lot of people.
he has a deviantart, just cause he loves arts.
people judge him, but dont know him.
he is actually writing a book.
clothes is something he shouldnt buy that much.
he doesn't download but buy music.
his ipod is a good friend of his.
he has a LG prada cellphone.
thats on his website, he wrote it.

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dzaxaropoyloy dzaxaropoyloy 3 years
doesn't he live in thessaloniki greece???
dzaxaropoyloy dzaxaropoyloy 3 years
doesn't he live in thessaloniki greece???
KK456 KK456 3 years
This is true except he has a different phone he's 22 now he's has a 14 yr old stepbrother named max and his sisters 20
Ravencruz Ravencruz 4 years
I know how u feel for some reason I like to sit down and read a book or do poems like sad and love ones
abcshopping910 abcshopping910 4 years
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2805640 2805640 4 years
i really know what you are going to you are so amazing i love you :)
JayceeNnate4eva JayceeNnate4eva 4 years
i m his #1 fan n he is so SEXY i luv yuw
zweetdreamz zweetdreamz 4 years
alex im such a big fan and i really think ur a talented and great person.
Dolly2255691 Dolly2255691 4 years
This is the alex evans official website, it's new website and you can even talk to him, you need to sign up to talk to him. All his fans started signing up on this site so thught i'd let you guys know as well.
BaconHawkDoood BaconHawkDoood 5 years
o.e . . . this cracks me up:) i know Alex, and i'll give you all a hint:) this bio, isn't true at all. truth is, he's 15, and he turns 16 on October 16th. hes most defenitly not wrighting a book, and he only has a little sister named Wendy andd she's 3. He dosn't live in Canada, he lives in Colorado, but he did live there for about two mounths. i love you Captian Alex:) From;; Your Jelly Pengwin:)
SirenEssence SirenEssence 5 years
I am in love with your eyes
boutique3 boutique3 5 years
HEY ALEX!!!!!!!! wats up? ma name is kathryn i am emo XD i think ur amazing! jst b urself and u WILL b good!!!!!!!! I LUV U!!!!!!!!!!!! :3 BBYYYEE!
LoneStar97 LoneStar97 5 years
Hey(: I just wanna say one thing. I think you're really cute. Like, super cute. I'm not going a far as "I luv youuu!!!" because i don't even really know you. Thanks BYEEEE :D
Gypsy710 Gypsy710 5 years
hey alex. wats up? your awsome, dude! luv u!!!! Gypsy710
Gypsy710 Gypsy710 5 years
hey Alexxx. love u! peace
SinCeer-Vamp SinCeer-Vamp 5 years
Hey the Rohit...oops Alex hi I found you here so I thought I'd say HELLO, and wow canada really and a sister I never knew
facookie facookie 5 years
Alex you are truly amazing we have very few in common I’m 13 years old I luv my music I live in Canberra. My imagination is wild I love to day dream when I first saw you I though you are so handsome those eyes of yours are amazing just like you. I’m brunette wavy haired, hazel eyes, tall-ish and on my left leg I’ve got cuts my dream is to meet someone as amazing as you. You’re the best. Also i would luv to talk to you so my emails corrinne pearce@ hope we can facookie
EmilyTheEmo EmilyTheEmo 6 years
Alex Evans! You are soo cute...I live in Canada and im emo.Im u r fan!U r blue eyes are so beautiful. Emily
dsssss dsssss 6 years
itsss meh im at skool its ok i guess i like being with my feinds......
dsssss dsssss 6 years
i dont think of him as hot hes just a normal human bein who loves being himself.........
Coltyn Coltyn 6 years
Sorry to say but "AlexandreEvans" who just posted is a fake. Because the REAL Alex Evans would know that he is not, and never was, a model.
DanaeSkye DanaeSkye 6 years
Hey Alex i tottaly luv being alone it gives you time to think hey guess what i also luv luv luv writing and poetry And i worship music
emoprincess emoprincess 6 years
Hey Alex I think you are awesome!i totally get how you like being alone,so do i.
sarahsawyerpoper sarahsawyerpoper 6 years
heyy alex, i think you are amazing!!!!!!! lmao
madiethel0nlyem0 madiethel0nlyem0 6 years
WOW i'm jst like u i love to be alone and think i am defintly independent if i have something to say i say it i dont let ppl walk ovr me i hate it.
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