Katie Sweeney
YumSugar Editor, (2006-2011)

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I developed a great appreciation for food at an early age. As a foodie-in-training growing up in Sonoma County, I wrote my first cookbook, Kooking with Katie, in the sixth grade, and received my first lessons in creating delicious, comforting food from my father. After attending UC Berkeley, I lived in Spain for two years, fully immersing myself in the Spanish language, food, and culture. I became interested in mixology, wine tasting, and saw fabulous results when introducing my Spanish friends to classic American cuisine. Since then, I've used my creativity to host countless events from intimate dinners to blowout bashes. For the past four years, I've been the mastermind behind YumSugar's weekly party plans, easy everyday menus, thoughtful wine pairings, and party-ready cocktails. I live in San Francisco, have a great relationship with my friends and family, am an advanced cook, love my job, and speak two languages.

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