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15 Awesome Last-Minute Halloween Face Paint Ideas

Oct 21 2013 - 10:24am

If you're still looking for an amazing Halloween [1] disguise, I've got some great last-minute ideas that'll have your friends impressed no matter what kind of party you're going to. These 15 ideas range from the lovely to the downright creepy, and almost all of them require nothing but a face painting kit. So click through for some instant inspiration.

Faerie Fay

These cool special effects butterfly wings may not be something you can find, but pretty wire and fabric butterflies from a craft store are easy to track down. Just cut them in half and use an adhesive like eyelash glue or spirit gum to put them in place. Then, line your eyes, add some glitter, and you're an amazing fairy princess.

Photo courtesy Yolanda Bartram [2]

Death's Head

This skull is super easy to do and plenty scary.

Photo courtesy Lynne Jamieson [3]


If you're looking for a simple but scary design, this toothy butterfly has great lines and packs a creepy wallop.

Photo courtesy Lone Wolf Kirkegaard [4]

No Smoking

Want to dress up as a character known for smoking? Don't actually light up—just draw a cigarette on yourself.

Photo courtesy Yolanda Bartram [5]

What's New, Pussycat?

This cute kitty makeup just requires some costume store ears and some planning.

Photo courtesy Yolanda Bartram [6]


Painting your lids black and red is the coup de grâce with this skull makeup. If you can have a friend draw or stencil a skull face on you, all you have to do is dress in black and wear a hoodie, and you've got an amazing costume.

Photo courtesy Lynne Jamieson [7]

Zombie Butterfly

Butterfly face paint shapes are easy and flattering, whether you want something pretty, or in this case, you're going for a ghoulish zombie look.

Photo courtesy Yolanda Bartram [8]

Dinosaur Jr.

Cool face paint doesn't have to be full coverage. If you're pressed for time or just want something a little more discrete, these monstrous dinosaur eyebrows are totally cool.

Photo courtesy Lone Wolf Kirkegaard [9]

Angel Baby

Want to be beautiful, not scary? This lovely angel makeup is easy to pull off and can be accented with real brass hearts from the craft store.

Photo courtesy Yolanda Bartram [10]

Tearing Up

Bloody tears and white face paint are classic, easy ways to get a spooky look.

Photo courtesy Lynne Jamieson [11]

Creepy Crawlies

You can't go wrong with spiders crawling out of your mouth — it'll never stop being super creepy.

Photo courtesy Lynne Jamieson [12]


Got some empty old binders? Why not cut holes in them, put your face through one, and go as the infamous Nostradamus prophesying from inside his book.

Photo courtesy Yolanda Bartram [13]

Zombie Tears

Go as a zombie without all the messy fake blood. Just use face paint instead to create hollowed-out eyes, gray lips, and a rotting rib cage.

Photo courtesy Lynne Jamieson [14]

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Going all the way across your face with a really complex design might take more time than you have, so why not consider a half-face look? It's cool, creative, and you can put all your energy into doing a good job on one side.

Photo courtesy Lynne Jamieson [15]

Cat's Eye

Don't forget to paint your lid for maximum effect.

Photo courtesy Lynne Jamieson [16]

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