2009 Spring/Summer Karen Walker Beauty

Girls Will Be Boys at Karen Walker

At Karen Walker, boyishness was big. "The keyword for this look is tomboy," explained makeup artist Lisa Butler. "We're approaching it like when you do a man's grooming." That means clean, simple skin, full eyebrows, and a slight downplaying of the eyes and lips.

To create this fresh skin look, Butler used Mineralize Skinfinish to even out imperfections while leaving the complexion looking natural. A bit of taupe eye shadow helped give eyebrows a fluffed-up appearance, and skipping mascara emphasized the urchin aspect of the look.

While plump lips are always desirable, this show de-emphasized them with a cool trick: Use a fluffy brush to brush a tiny bit of concealer on the edges of lips. "It knocks down the girliness," Butler explained. I think it's fresh and fun, so why not cue up some Blur and try it out?