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ANTM Beauty Quiz: "Dance With Me"

ANTM Beauty Quiz: "Dance With Me"

Yes! Looks like Top Model is back to its amusing glory. This episode had it all: Mr. Jay in clown makeup, Benny Ninja in shades, Lil Mama calling out things like "Hit it, boys!" and choreographed Jason Voorhees clones. What's not to love? Many moves were busted during the dance challenge, and the models posed with Cirque du Soleil cast members. Looks like we've solved the mystère of why this cycle had been so boring: it was merely short on camp. Were you watching close enough to score high on today's beauty quiz? Like they do in Vegas, go on and press your luck.
this episode earns four milos:

Photo courtesy of The CW

ANTM Beauty Quiz: "Dance With Me"

What does Lil Mama's hair look like?


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