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Akiko Ogawa Takes a Twist on the French Manicure

Even though these pink nails were shown for a Fall collection, I think Akiko Ogawa's runway manicures would be a great way to welcome springtime. French manicures normally aren't my favorites, but Alisha Rimando created a fresh version by using four colors (Dashing Diva polish in Headliner, Dashing Diva, Cosmopolitan, and Debutante).





To get the look at home, read more.

    Apply Cosmopolitan to the nail.
  1. While the polish is wet, apply Dashing Diva to the top third of the nail. Make sure that the color blends or fades well into the nail.
  2. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on each nail.
  3. Start with the first nail and apply Headliner to the edge of the nail.
  4. Using very little polish on the brush, apply Headliner to the very tip of the nail, blending or fading it onto the Dashing Diva pink color. You'll want to apply it to about ⅛ of the nail edge.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on each nail.
  6. Apply Debutante over all nails. Finish with topcoat.

Of course, if you don't want to go the DIY route, you can always head to a Dashing Diva salon if you're in New York. (Much easier.)

Photos courtesy of Alexei Nemchenko


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